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We have made significant progressions here at Scarborough Chiropractic Centre. We believe that our health service needs to offer more to our Peninsula Community. As a result, we are introducing Combination Care.


  • Chiropractors who have over 50 years’ experience collaboratively

  • Massage and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation practitioners who have had over a decade of treatment experience and contact with patients suffering from debilitating aches and pains.

  • Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives who in a team have over 40 years’ experience

  • Registered Nurses who have worked in the area of Fertility for over 15 years both interstate and locally.

Chiropractic Care Massage and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Holistic Health Midwifery Support Fertility Education and Support Care Of The Wise & Ripened


Here at Scarborough Chiropractic Centre we are dedicated to delivering our patients a quality service.  One part of this is giving our patients a reason to smile, so here are a few treats to click on and help this happen.

Check out our latest articles that focus on health and wellness. We want to provide you with all the tips, tricks and tools to support you in living your HAPPIEST life.

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